The Marketing Agency For Kansas City's Local Businesses

Who is this Aletha Chick?

I grew up helping my dad repair cars. Our pride and joy was our 68 Midnight Blue 'Maro. He worked for a big heavy equipment corporation and I saw the effects of not being an independent shop owner, of lacking freedom, of not using one's self-determination, and being in the dollar-per-hour situation.

That's why I'm 'driven' to help independent shop owners succeed. Customers put their trust in you every time they drive away from your shop after a repair. I'm proud to help those who deliver elite repair services that help the community and pay people's salaries.

I've been working online in one way, shape or form since the early 90's. I've been in big agencies and small agencies; I've worked in-house marketing departments too. Some of my accounts include American Airlines, Nextran USA, Disney, and the University of Florida. I was a team member at one of America's first web development firms, analyzing server logs long before Google existed. Ahhh Mozilla and; grunge rock and Skechers shoes....

I decided to build a team and pool all our knowledge to offer affordable, effective solutions to small and medium service businesses like auto repair shops and mechanics. We are lean and fast; we've been known to complete a website in as little as three weeks. We don't sit around debating fonts and colors, we get it DONE so you can start succeeding.

Who wants to wait around for success? 

Do you hang out with clients?

I recently had the honor of a visit from John Karageorge of Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor. As you can see from the photo, we had fun, even though I don't like the outfit I wore! This was taken in downtown Mount Airy, North Carolina - otherwise known as Mayberry. That's the cop car from the actual show.

Bottom line: your success is mine. We're here to help each other make dreams come true.

Memorable Moments  

Just a few other pictures. 

Bedouin Camp

Took an adventure vacation through Jordan, Turkey and Israel. This is me staying with bedouins in the desert.

With Grant Cardone

Grant's books and training in entrepreneurship, sales and life have helped immensely. I went to a conference just to meet him and thank him.

Fellow 10Xers

Out to dinner talking business and expansion at the 10X Bootcamp.

Beach Bike

I had a photo shoot of me and my bike; this is me riding near the beach in Clearwater. 

Are you a service-based business/auto repair shop who wants to go to the next level?

I'd love to meet you and see how we can help.