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What you get: the Supercharge program

If you have a profitable shop and want to go to the next level, check out what you get! Some services are performed monthly, others are weekly, and when you sign on you get a lot to get you started right.

This package consists of a special suite of integrated services that together get more broken cars into the shop. They are packaged together to provide you with value and impact.

Get the phone to ring.


Setup: When You Start

We get you set up for ongoing success.

Call Tracking

If you don't have it, we'll set it up. If you do have it, we'll make sure it's tracking all calls from all sources. We will also make sure your Analytics and AdWords accounts are sharing data for the best intel possible.

Analytics Accounts

You should have Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Universal Analytics and Search Console. If you don't we'll set them up and make sure all data sharing is set up and working, especially conversion tracking and ad cost.

Website Updates

We inherit sites from different developers. Did you know you can get sued if you don't have a Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement? If you don't have these, we will add them. 

Website SEO Makeover

We will have an SEO copywriter update your page titles and descriptions so they are most relevant to your ad copy and keywords and so you get highly placed in search.

Website Conversion Optimization

When a site has too much in the header to distract from the action we want them to take (make a call, make an appointment) it cuts the revenue that can be generated from your website. We can fix it. 

Google My Business Improvements

Without fail, Google My Business is the number one source of leads for clients. When car owners are looking for shops like yours, they often call right from your GMB listing - they don't even visit the website. We'll make sure you're set up for success.


Every Week

We're in your accounts weekly to keep the calls flowing.

AdWords Optimization

We're in your account every week making sure your budget is being spent on the best keywords, and budget is correctly allocated between campaigns. We're also adding new keywords that have been shown to perform, and making sure you're not bidding on keywords that aren't relevant. Plan includes up to $1000 spend on Google AdWords. 

Google My Business Posts

We'll post content on your Google My Business page to keep it fresh, relevant, and above your competitors. Your monthly blog posts will be added to your GMB page with links to your website.


Every Month

We get you set up for ongoing success.

Strategy Session

You get a meeting with our Digital Marketing Director and founder to review performance, find out how things were in the shop, and agree upon next steps.

Original Long-Form Blog Post

Monthly original long-form blog post tailored to a service area, with keywords and phrases to capture traffic from people looking for information. They may not need auto repair at the moment, but we want them to discover you. Because they aren't ready to convert, capturing these people via organic search keeps costs down.

Manual Citations

Monthly submissions to databases and directories to keep your business information and brand consistent across the web. Super important for high placement in organic search.

Account Checkover

We're checking our list and checking it twice to make sure everything is working and calls keep coming.

Access to Ongoing Innovation

Google is always changing its algorithm. Whether it is maps or search, these changes can cause a business owner to experience a sudden drop in traffic due to lost rank.

We stay ahead of these updates as much as possible. When Google announces it in advance, we're already looking for solutions. Members of the Supercharge program automatically get deployment of new initiatives proven to help rank on the website, or boost position in maps. 


Get 30 minutes free to talk about getting more cars in the shop.