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Maximmize Profit with Direct Mail Postcards

Send targeted postcard campaigns instead of blanketing an area and sending to people who don't even have cars. Exclude your current customer list so the same people don't keep coming in for your discounts. 

Our Postcard Program

Their Program


Send to all car owners in a zip or within a radius. Send to Toyota owners. Send to people who need an inspection. Send less. Get more.

Blanketed and Blind

I know a shop owner that sends to a list of 5000 people; however, our list shows less than 4,000 own cars. That's an extra 1000 postcards per month wasted.

New customers only

Filter out your customer list so you're investing in getting new customers.

Repeat customers getting continued discounts

We monitor the Call Tracking, so we know how many existing customers are repeatedly getting discounts. It's too many if you're using postcards to 'get your name out there'.

Cost Effective

Pay  under $4000 for 3 months, including postage and call tracking, to send 2,000 full-color 4x6 postcards per month to two specific zip codes, car owners only. May vary for your area.


Using the bulk approach, shop owners can spend $312 or more to get a new customer into the shop from their current efforts. $3120 to send 5,695 postcards. 52 calls generated, only 10 wanted to come in for service, mostly oil changes. The other 42 were existing customers who got new postcards, or people checking the status of their repair. This is real data from a client account.


Postcards go within 3-5 days. Why wait an extra 7-12 days to fill up your bays? Money loves speed!


Sending bulk can take 10-14 days once the mailers even get to the post office.

Elite Service

Our direct mail partners are quick, competent, and produce the correct product consistenly.

Costly Screw-Ups

Do you have to double-check your campaigns and postcards to make sure the right thing is going out? Say goodbye to those headaches.


Get 30 minutes free to talk about getting more cars in the shop.