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Be like these guys. Our Customer Highlight is Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor.

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The Challenge

These guys had a website that was a few years old. As web standards changed, it began to break. More of the shop's traffic was coming on mobile devices, and Complete Auto Service needed a complete website overhaul. It was like the Yugo of websites.

What We Did

We obliterated the old Divi site, and rebuilt it in Bootstrap 5. That's like going from a 4 cylinder to a HEMI.

It's beautiful, fast-loading, and mobile first.

It gets an A for Core Web Vitals, and an A in GT Metrix. That's like going from 0 to 60 wicked fast.

Site Features

  • Click to call with call tracking
  • Online appointment scheduling integrated with Google Calendar (way better than just a form that gets submitted)
  • Blog with monthly posts

Ongoing Successful Actions

  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Local Citations
  • Google My Business Management
  • Google AdWords
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Conversion optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Chatbot integrated with website and Facebook
  • Lead tracking and reporting


2021 Results: More Cars in the Shop

Complete Auto Service supercharged their efforts this year.

Incoming Calls

Revenue hit by December


Staff Added


Average Position in Search

Client Dominates Google

Upwards of 80% of clients' incoming calls are from Google Maps / Google My Business. Placed directly from the listing itself, most of these customers don't visit the website. Our clients dominate the top of Google for the top keywords in their geographic area, getting phone calls without having to pay for ad clicks.

Top of Google domination is one of the cornerstones of  our Supercharge program.


Map Position


Search Position

Map Pin

Appearance on map for user's search

Are you paying too much for marketing?

We are helping local auto repair shops and mechanics get more customers with branded next-generation websites and integrated digital marketing packages that get more broken cars in the shop, increasing repair order value. Get ready for $30,000 days.

We get the phone to ring with reasonably priced packages to help you meet your revenue goals.


Get 30 minutes free to talk about getting more cars in the shop.

Success Story

This is the next level evolution in how marketing to customers of 2023 should be. The Digital Diva Group revamped my entire marketing strategy away from mail and completely to the new way people find your on-demand customers for your brick and mortar business - namely via location / maps! I've had the best transformation experience out of ANY one that has previously attempted to digitally market my automotive repair facilities. If you are looking for on demand customers that will pay more for speed and expediency and the correct place to find them, then the Digital Diva Group comes the MOST highly recommended and really, required. No one does what they do and gets the results the way that I have experienced. Great customer service and attentiveness! A+++ service!
 John Karageorge
Owner, Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor 


Organizations we've helped

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

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Our Lead Tech

I grew up helping my dad repair cars. Our pride and joy was our 68 Midnight Blue 'Maro. I've been working online in one way, shape or form since the early 90's. He worked for a big corporation and I saw the effects of not being an independent shop owner, of lacking freedom, of not using one's self-determination, and being in the dollar-per-hour situation.

I decided to build a team and pool all our knowledge to offer affordable, effective solutions to small and medium service businesses like auto repair shops and mechanics. We are lean and fast; we've been known to complete a website in as little as three weeks. We don't sit around and discuss fonts and colors, we get it DONE.

 Aletha Royer


Get 30 minutes free to talk about getting more cars in the shop.